Why Me?

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

People will forget what you did.

But people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou
Hillary Gurley

Hillary Gurley

I take potential buyers into homes everyday. I listen to their comments and note their body language.  I watch them react to their surroundings. I can tell almost immediately whether a home has made the short list.  It is so much more than the number of bedrooms or whether or not it has a pool.  It is a feeling, it is how someone reacts and interacts with the space. They can envision themselves, their family, or even what their remodeling contractor could do with this space. 

Every home has a feeling...a story.  

As an real estate agent, it is my job to manage the reaction buyers have when viewing your home. It is my job to craft an experience that resonates with your home's target audience. A family with two kids doesn't want to hear a story about the single life from a downtown urban loft, just as the story of a high-quality, just-finished remodel isn't the story for a real estate investor who's greatest concern is the potential return on his dollar. 

No matter what the story, I always work to create a happy ending.