June Greater Arcadia Closes

Recently recorded sales offer the biggest basis for your home's current value.  Follow the link below to see which homes closed in June.  Keep in mind your home's condition and the golden rule of real estate: location, location, location are keys to your home's value.  

June 2014 Closes


There were 81 sales compared to 86 in May, 62 in April and 69 in March.  The average list price was $527,922 compared to $542,500 in May and the average sales price was $497,000 (Homes sold an average of 96% of list price). The average market time was 74 days (73 in May) and the average size of the homes sold was 2,224 square feet (2,214 in May) for an average price per square foot of $199.97 (May price per foot was $215.63).

Also to note: values in Arcadia vary widely based on location. For example, in June the lowest sales price was $53,000 for a condo and the highest sales price was $3,000,000 for a beautiful 9,000 square foot home on just under an acre.