Location: South of Lafayette from 46th Place to 47th Place

By the mid 1950's, a number of residential developments had begun in the area.  One example is the Mountgrove area, formerly the Sphinx Date Ranch, extending from 46th Place to 47th Place and from the Arizona Canal to north to Lafayette Boulevard. The majority of the homes were built in 1954 with careful attention to preserving the sphinx date palms, since it was believed that this was the only area in the United States where this variety would grow.  To watch for violation if zoning restrictions, the Mountgrove Property Owners Association was quickly formed and a declaration of restrictions was prepared and registered. There was strong feeling of keeping the area residential and, in 1960, the association successfully concluded a lengthy objection to commercial zoning of the date processing plant area on Lafayette between 46th Place and 47th Place.  Excepted from Arcadia Camelback Special Planning District Publication prepared by the City of Phoenix Planning Department.