What's All the Arcadia Hype?


Where to begin? What is there NOT to love. By definition, Arcadia is a region of simple pleasure and quiet, the idealized rural setting of Greek and Roman poetry.  While no longer rural, the Arcadia neighborhood, stretching from East Phoenix just over the Scottsdale border, is a little bit of utopia in its own right.  A small town feel in the heart of the US’s sixth largest city.  The mature landscaping, ideal location, great views and tight-knit community make it one of the most sought after areas in metro Phoenix since its creation in the 1950s.

Built on what was once citrus groves on the southern side of Camelback mountain, Arcadia was marketed at an escape from the city. The land was sold in five-acre, citrus-dotted parcels. The proximity to the Arizona Canal meant for easy irrigation-style watering for the fruit trees.  Today, the city surrounds the neighborhood and only a few multiple acre lots remain, but the mature trees and green lawns remain.

Arcadia is ideally located and is the poster child for that real estate buzz phrase: location, location, location!  No where else in the Metro Phoenix area can you be so close to some many great destinations.  Downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor Airport are only 15 minutes away.  Old Town Scottsdale, home to Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall, art galleries and great dining, is only about 10 minutes away and Tempe, ASU Sun Devil Country,  is also only 15 minutes away.  The Arcadia area blends into the Camelback Corridor and the Biltmore area, home to more shopping and world-class restaurants.  And, it the past few years, Arcadia has become home to several fun dining spots that are easily reached by a short bike ride.

And then there is that picturesque mountain.  The majestic red rock mountain, Camelback, is a Phoenix landmark.  Hikers flock to the mountain each day to take in the incredible views at the peak.  Almost every lucky Arcadian has some sort of mountain view. Watching the rocks change colors with the setting sun makes for a great happy hour show.

When you decide to purchase a home in Arcadia, you doing more than buying a home, you are buying a community. A community where old-fashioned rituals and values are alive and well.  Kids ride bikes, climb trees and play Little League.  Area schools benefit from the caring, supportive and generous groups of parents. People know, socialize with and care about their neighbors. After living in the neighborhood for a few years, it is rare to attend an event or sit down in a restaurant in the community where you won’t know at least one person.

If you are interested in learning more about Arcadia, give me a call.  I will be happy to show you around.